Building brand legends

We are the investor-partner of choice for founders building brand legends that make people’s lives healthier, happier and more fulfilling, while helping them minimise their impact on the environment. This is our purpose.

As a mix of investors, brand strategists, digital innovators, talent and culture experts, we have helped more than 50 brands become industry pioneers across 70 countries, while growing online by over £500m and opening more than 250 experiential spaces for people to shop and socialise.

We invest in fast growing brands with sales of £5-50m.

We believe a brand legend is iconic, its story legendary.

Even at £100m, it’s resolutely true to its purpose. A leader among its peers, it champions positive change in the world alongside its loyal community who have helped shape it as it has grown and for whom it has become a part of how they live their lives.

It has formed an emotional bond with its tribe, its logo a reassuring shorthand for what it stands for and what they believe in. They are proud of what is has achieved, evangelising its inspiring story and purpose to others. Its team are its biggest advocates, for whom it defines their own personal values.

Above all else, it has retained its entrepreneurial challenger spirit built around a culture of always wanting to do things better and rooted in an obsession with what customers think. It will continue to inspire founders for decades to come. Its story has taken on a life of its own. It has seeped into people’s imaginations. It has become a legend.

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We are driving positive change.

Purpose-led, inclusive cultures are fundamental to growing brand legends. We are proud that 40% of our last two funds’ brands have female founders – women make up 50% of their senior leadership teams – and that Bloom & Wild, Flat Iron and Hickory’s Smokehouse have been in The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For.

Reflecting our commitment to empowering leaders to put their team and the environment at the forefront of growth, we are signatories of the Better Business Act and are in the process of joining the B Corp community, alongside Mindful Chef, Proper and Wild Nutrition.

Please read our Sustainable Investment Report here.