Bruce’s Doggy Day Care

Building the UK’s leading doggy day care brand legend that enriches the lives of dogs.

Invested £5.4m 2019

Few founders could say their ‘big idea’ came to them as a toddler. But Bruce Casalis can justifiably state such a claim. From his early days in his native South Africa, he was to be found sleeping in a bed with a litter of puppies. Decades later, he would turn this passion for the comfort and welfare of dogs into his own award-winning business.

In 2008, having settled in London, Bruce set out canvassing Clapham Common with home-printed business cards and a simple survey asking dog owners their views on his new concept of dog day care. He felt it could be significantly improved and, in 2009, launched Bruce’s Doggy Day Care in a few acres of Surrey countryside.

Today Bruce and his team have become the UK’s recognised leaders in dog day care centres. Bruce sits on the Board of Directors for the Pet Industry Federation and has acted as advisor to the likes of DEFRA, Dogs Trust and the RSPCA.

Operating from 25 acres of private fields, Bruce’s Doggy Day Care sites contain heated log cabins and playground equipment including trampolines, paddling pools, agility and sensory zones to help keep dogs – and staff – engaged and stimulated. Owners can drop their dogs off or they can be collected by one of Bruce’s 18 specially adapted and air-conditioned doggy buses. The centres follow a children’s nursery model, so they are never under pressure to fill a space with an unsuitable dog. The entrance criteria is strict – only social, friendly dogs are accepted.

The model has proved to be a resounding success with dogs and owners alike. In July 2019, Piper backed Bruce and his talented team, our third investment in the fast-growing pet brand sector.

We look forward to helping Bruce continue his mission to make a real difference to a dog’s life.

Someone described Piper as “the nice guys of private equity” and I have found this to be very much the case. Incredibly friendly and easy to deal with, but they are sharp, seasoned and well connected. You get a real sense that they nurture the business and team along the journey, and help create something even more special in the process.

Bruce Casalis, Founder

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