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We are the partner of choice for entrepreneurs running fast growing consumer brands

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We are passionate about the brands we partner

We're seasoned entrepreneurs and experienced investors in iconic consumer brands

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Our team are experts in growing brands

Starting as entrepreneurs ourselves, we have lived and breathed entrepreneurial brands for 30 years

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Who we are

We are the partner of choice for entrepreneurs running fast growing consumer brands.

We invest in entrepreneurs with great ideas to grow brands consumers love.

We give our expertise and money to support you in unlocking growth in the next step of your journey.

We look for fast-growing consumer brands in retail, leisure, consumer products and services with a presence in the UK and a turnover of £5m+, in which we can invest around £5-£25 million.

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2015 Ev Sekkides
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How challenger brands inspire in challenging times

[12 Apr 2018] - As investors in consumer brands, it can be dispiriting to read the papers, bombarded with tales of woeful mismanagement and a gloomy malaise, a self-fulfilling…

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‘How I Grew My Brand’ Piper podcast series launches with Cassandra Stavrou of Propercorn

[15 Mar 2018] - After much hard work, we are excited to launch ‘7, 17, 70’ – a series of one-on-one podcast interviews with dynamic, high-profile entrepreneurs. From Pitcher…

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Piper invests in beauty and wellbeing brand Neom Organics

[21 Dec 2017] - Neom was founded in 2005 by friends Nicola Elliott and Oliver Mennell. After spending seven hectic years as an editor at Glamour magazine, Nicola noticed…

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Hickory’s Smokehouse is a brand truly loved by local communities

[3 Oct 2017] - An in-depth interview with one of the UK’s leading entrepreneur and manager

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Piper video stories: Maintaining brand culture

[20 Feb 2017] - A series of in-depth interviews with some of the UK’s leading entrepreneurs and managers

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Piper video stories: Challenges

[20 Feb 2017] - As both entrepreneurs and expert investors in the consumer space, Piper continue to be fascinated by the stories b…

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