Pitcher and Piano


In 1986 Piper developed a new bar concept called Pitcher and Piano. This was the first bar chain to focus on the female customer and truly understand the motivations of the majority of young people who go out for a drink. It heralded a new breed of bars and restaurants that disrupted the old fashioned pubs and wine bars that had dominated the market.

This start up from Piper was the catalyst that led the business to raise its first fund in the late 1980s to help support the expansion and roll out of Pitcher & Piano.

The journey

1986 First Pitcher & Piano opens in Fulham in an old pizza restaurant
1990 The Piper Fund invests in Pitcher & Piano
1991 The Pitcher & Piano Management academy opens
1995 Site 7 is opened
1996 Pitcher & Piano is sold to Marstons plc for £20m

Current investments