Events: Our first virtual GeekMeet – Shopify

At Piper, we love helping entrepreneurial brands grow. To do this, we are constantly reassessing what founders and businesses need from a partner in supporting their growth.  Although our in-house team’s experience is essential, our partner brands also value being able to tap into our extensive international network of trusted partners. Among them, there is

Events: Amazon insights from our Ecommerce Geekmeet

In our recent survey of 2,000 online consumers in which we asked consumers to name brands they most trust, Amazon was far ahead of the pack. They have come to rely on it (47% had a Prime subscription) and are rarely let down (even when delivering the world’s biggest package, a dinosaur statue to Jurassic World).
For our partner brands, many of whom were in the room, Amazon is becoming an increasingly important channel. At Forthglade and Barking Heads, Amazon sales are growing by 50% year-on-year, with Mous’ sales growing tenfold in just one year.

How to take and keep your brand on tour: insights from the latest GeekMeet

‘Why expand into the US?’ is a question many multichannel brands will ask themselves. To David Lockwood, a better question is: ‘Why not?’ As he reminded guests at Piper’s latest GeekMeet – our regular roundtable of ecommerce minds from the consumer branded world – the US is not only 31 times larger than the UK

Delighting customers month-on-month: Insights on subscription from Piper’s GeekMeet

Since first meeting our most recent investment, Mindful Chef, we have become fascinated with how brands use subscription to delight their customers. Referred to as ‘subcom’ by those working in the space, it’s a business model that is attractive to both consumers and investors. From a consumer perspective, subscription-based ecommerce brands are helping them save

Learnings from our annual Beauty Founders' Collective

One of the tricks of investing in consumer brands is gauging where the prevailing winds are blowing and, most importantly for us, if they will build into a gale or peter out in 5 to 10 years’ time. Unpicking this is a fine mix of gut-inspired instinct based on 30+ years of working with brands,

Lessons from our annual Food & Drink Founders’ Collective

We are curious creatures here at Piper and, as part of this curiosity, we love hearing and learning from inspiring leaders. This is part of the reason for holding regular events at our offices bringing together entrepreneurs growing challenger brands – a couple of weeks ago, we hosted 20 entrepreneurs at our annual food and

Jewels, bouquets & tights: learnings in retailing from our 10th Founders’ Collective

Do founders need a little more love? When do you know if you’ve backed the wrong horse? And how can you build the ‘IKEA of tights’? These were just some of the questions posed at Piper’s latest Founders’ Collective, a quarterly gathering of entrepreneurs each focused on a different consumer sector. Three speakers representing Piper’s

Richard Reed, co-founder of Innocent talks at Piper's latest SeedMeet for entrepreneurs.

Last month, we invited some of the most exciting and innovative food and drink brands to our sixth SeedMeet at Piper – a round-table forum for entrepreneurs to hear from three key industry experts and discuss the issues and opportunities they are currently facing. In this session, our three inspirational speakers were: James Bailey, Trading