Events: Culture learnings from our partner brands

With the rapid cancellation of all social events over the last couple of weeks, we now feel privileged to have been able to spend time at the beginning of November (in the superb Ham Yard Hotel) with the senior leadership teams from across all of our brands. Thank you to Francesca and the team for

Events: A mission so sweet. The story of Tony's Chocolonely.

A man buys 10 different chocolate bars and takes a bite out of each one. He puts a camera on himself and calls up the international emergency number and says ‘I want to turn myself in as a chocolate criminal. I’m complicit to financing child slavery. You have to come and arrest me.’ Unsurprisingly, nobody

Events: Grace Beverley on the wise ways to influence your community

Influencers. Stratospheric sales magnets or overpaid and overrated? It’s a question all consumer-facing brands have wrestled with in recent years as the growth of Instagram and TikTok continues apace. Few are more qualified to express an opinion than serial entrepreneur Grace Beverley. An influencer herself with more than 1m followers, she launched her first business,

Events: Cross-Pond Thinking 2.0 10 learnings from our Geekmeet

Following on from the success of our previous virtual Geekmeet, in which one of our speakers joined us live from New York, the next logical step was to make our session fully transatlantic. For our latest Geekmeet, Piper’s popular and long-established roundtable of ecommerce minds, we teamed up with US-based Primary Venture Partners to conduct what

Events: Geekmeet – Cross-Pond Thinking, Best Practices of US E-Commerce Strategy

The American dream – the goal of almost every British brand. But breaking into the US market is notoriously tricky and history is littered with the biggest household names (Tesco and M&S to name but two) who’ve gone west with grand ambitions only to see their dreams end in failure. E-commerce has removed many barriers

Events: Amazon insights from our Ecommerce Geekmeet

In our recent survey of 2,000 online consumers in which we asked consumers to name brands they most trust, Amazon was far ahead of the pack. They have come to rely on it (47% had a Prime subscription) and are rarely let down (even when delivering the world’s biggest package, a dinosaur statue to Jurassic World).
For our partner brands, many of whom were in the room, Amazon is becoming an increasingly important channel. At Forthglade and Barking Heads, Amazon sales are growing by 50% year-on-year, with Mous’ sales growing tenfold in just one year.