B Corp Month 2024: Our model for sustainable brands

Our model for moving forward together It’s March which means it is B Corp Month, a month-long campaign to promote and celebrate the benefits of B Corp certification. We are so proud to have invested in 7 certified brands and to have welcomed The Thinking Traveller and Bloom & Wild to the community this year.

Death or rebirth of Black Friday: Please tell us in our annual survey?

Take part in our survey With small annual holiday allowances, Americans have come to rely on national days for their extended weekends. Some of these have crept over the pond – Halloween spending is now more than £400m; some 13m celebrate Thanksgiving (even if it’s just a turkey with friends); and the Super Bowl has

Setting the tone: Tips on bringing your tone of voice to life

Following an emotive global event, such as the sad passing of our dear Queen Elizabeth II, brands on social media have to make choices, starting with whether to publicly react or stay silent. The decision often has to be made at pace, without knowing how it will be interpreted in the halls of online public

Podcast: Have you listened to our podcasts?

After the year we’ve had, it seems like the whole country has an out-of-office on this August, and fair enough! So we thought this a good time to share the fascinating stories from founders that we have interviewed for the three seasons of our ‘How I Grew My Brand’ podcast series. Whether you need a

Events: Cross-Pond Thinking 2.0 10 learnings from our Geekmeet

Following on from the success of our previous virtual Geekmeet, in which one of our speakers joined us live from New York, the next logical step was to make our session fully transatlantic. For our latest Geekmeet, Piper’s popular and long-established roundtable of ecommerce minds, we teamed up with US-based Primary Venture Partners to conduct what

Community: Sign up to the Better Business Act coalition.

As part of our commitment to becoming a B Corp later in the year, we are delighted to have joined a coalition of businesses supporting the Better Business Act. A campaign to rally business around an ask to government to amend section 172 of The Companies Act, it will ensure that company directors are responsible

Community: Join us in supporting All Together

In the dozens of weekly conversations that we are having with our community of brand leaders, we can sense renewed optimism. Yet, we are also well aware that founders and CEOs today are making critical decisions that will determine not only their ability to survive, but the sort of business they will be as the

Our approach to brand-building.

It’s an awkward time to send out emails, in knowing what to actually say. As we speak to hundreds of founders, we are mindful that many are agonising about how to keep their businesses afloat or dealing with sudden and significant growth pains. For all, this is a time for introspection, for challenging what your