Piper Podcast: Kate Berski, co-founder of Curlsmith, from haircare niche to £150m exit

For the second episode in season five of our Piper Podcast, How I Grew My Brand, we interviewed a founder at a different stage of their journey. Kate Berski, co-founder of the inclusive haircare brand Curlsmith, sold her brand in 2022 and offers the invaluable perspective of hindsight. Kate and her husband, Michal, co-founded Curlsmith

Founders’ Collective – Innovation Done Properly

When we began running our Founders’ Collective events with a small group of founders in our meeting room eight years ago, they were born from a desire to share learnings and encourage a community among founders building fast-growing brands. Since then, our community has grown to thousands of brands, founders, and brand-builders, who we regularly