Founders' Collective: Embracing TikTok from strategy to activation

At Piper, we are continuously seeking out the top experts in every field of brand-building. When we find a particular expert, we ask them to speak at our long-running quarterly Founders’ Collective events to share their insights with our brand community. This happened recently when Leon Hughes, our digital expert, met Young with Solutions, a specialist

Piper Female Founders Dinner: Making business work for women

‘So, when are you going to breed?’, ‘Take your heals off, you’re taller than the men’, ‘Can you please look more womanly?’. These are extracts from the stories, some painfully funny others downright discriminatory, at our recent female founders dinner. We recently invited a group of female leaders from our brand community for a dinner

Piper Podcast: Crispin Tweddell in conversation with Yasha Estraikh

Welcome to a special bonus episode of our Piper podcast series, How I Grew My Brand. It’s a bit different from our usual podcast. We recorded an in-house conversation between our Head of Brand, Yasha Estraikh, and Piper’s co-founder and founder of numerous brands, Crispin Tweddell. They discuss how the lessons he learnt in being

Piper Podcast: Clare Hornby, founder & CEO of ME+EM

Happy new year and welcome to the final episode of series 5 of How I Grew My Brand. For this last full interview of the series, Mary Nightingale speaks to the truly inspirational Clare Hornby, Founder & CEO of women’s contemporary luxury fashion brand, ME+EM. We’ll be back in a couple of weeks with a

James Mishreki, Founder of Skin & Me and Life Supplies

There are some people that are born to be founders, seeking out ventures from childhood and thriving in the fast-paced start-up world. Our latest podcast guest, James Mishreki, founder of Skin & Me (personalised dermatological treatments) and Life Supplies (refillable bathroom essentials), is that person. From his early teens, his dream was to be ‘a

Piper Podcast: Kate Berski, co-founder of Curlsmith, from haircare niche to £150m exit

For the second episode in season five of our Piper Podcast, How I Grew My Brand, we interviewed a founder at a different stage of their journey. Kate Berski, co-founder of the inclusive haircare brand Curlsmith, sold her brand in 2022 and offers the invaluable perspective of hindsight. Kate and her husband, Michal, co-founded Curlsmith

Founders’ Collective – Innovation Done Properly

When we began running our Founders’ Collective events with a small group of founders in our meeting room eight years ago, they were born from a desire to share learnings and encourage a community among founders building fast-growing brands. Since then, our community has grown to thousands of brands, founders, and brand-builders, who we regularly