Piper Female Founders Dinner: Making business work for women

‘So, when are you going to breed?’, ‘Take your heals off, you’re taller than the men’, ‘Can you please look more womanly?’. These are extracts from the stories, some painfully funny others downright discriminatory, at our recent female founders dinner. We recently invited a group of female leaders from our brand community for a dinner

Event: Piper Geekmeet - why Google needs a regular tickle…

Jamie Riddell recently entered the ‘third act’ of his career. If it’s anything like the first two, it won’t be short on drama. Riddell joined the latest GeekMeet, Piper’s popular roundtable of ecommerce minds, to impart some lessons learned from ‘a life in search’. In 1999, he co-founded Cheeze, the UK’s first digital direct marketing agency. Cheeze
‘Focusing on the right metrics’ may sound obvious, said Riddell, but is too often neglected. Soft metrics such as domain authority and clicks are important but hard metrics (transactions and conversion rates) will drive sales. Retaining a ‘razor sharp focus on what matters is the route to the top of Google’.