Geekmeet – Cross-Pond Thinking, Best Practices of US E-Commerce Strategy

The American dream – the goal of almost every British brand. But breaking into the US market is notoriously tricky and history is littered with the biggest household names (Tesco and M&S to name but two) who’ve gone west with grand ambitions only to see their dreams end in failure. E-commerce has removed many barriers

Editorial: Growing cultures in challenger brands

If you come to our office and weave your way into the Cosy Room, you will find our library of business books, amassed over the last 35 years. Within this archive, some of the older books feel historical (especially the ones about the rise of internet), while others remain as relevant as ever. There is

Editorial: After-Covid - The New Work Order

In the Before-Covid (BC) age, life was different. An almost forgotten era when we traipsed through the office complaining about our journey in and worried about not having enough seats in the office. In the After-Covid (AC) world, there is more time. We can speak to people when we need to, no longer valiantly sandwiching

Editorial: Raising a glass to all those in hospitality

‘Went to Hickory’s on the first night after the lockdown and the first thing I can say is WOW. The things that they have put into place are amazing. Well done Hickory’s. You have got this so right, and all done safely. Thank you for giving us a feel of normality after the lockdown.’‘We went

Editorial: Wellbeing in the time of corona

In 2008, Leonard Lauder, Chairman of Estée Lauder, claimed that lipstick was just what women needed as a small pick-me-up luxury during a recession. That year, lipstick sales were up 11%. Yet, as we approach the end of lockdown and the most rapid downturn in history, lipstick sales have plummeted. In a recent survey by Boots

Editorial: Holidaying in the time of corona

You would be forgiven for thinking that the recent scene of people crowded ever so snugly in Botany Bay (a Kent beach) was a visceral reaction after two months of isolation and confinement. Yet this image of British holidaymaking is as hackneyed as vest marks on peeling lobster skin. It is also a comforting image

Editorial: Staying fit and healthy in the time of corona

Additions to the vernacular are big indicators of local mindsets – and coronavirus has inspired a deluge. ‘Coronaspeck’ is the somewhat waggish German word for the fat deposited by weeks of stay-at-home grazing. Across the border, ‘rester en forme, restez chez vous’ (stay in shape, stay at home) has been popular fodder for the vainer

Editorial: Eating and drinking in the time of corona

We are fortunate to be able to spend time supporting smaller challenger brands on their journeys. We often feel we learn as much from them as they do from us – they’re a vanguard for fresh ideas and unerring positivity even in these precarious times. Last week, we were kindly asked by The Seed Fund (sadly postponed