Julian Granville

Managing director - Boden

Julian joined the Piper Advisory Panel having experienced Piper first hand as an investor in Boden.

As he says: “I was always quite envious of what Chris and Crispin did outside of sitting on the Boden board. I like nothing more than looking at businesses with great growth potential and thinking through the challenges and opportunities – and of course how we can help them.”

After qualifying as a chartered accountant, Julian worked for Coopers & Lybrand’s management consultancy division in Russia. He joined Boden in June 1995 as Finance Director and became Managing Director in 1997. Since then, he’s seen the business grow under his leadership from £10m to £250m.

Julian’s knowledge of direct-to-consumer businesses, both online and offline, is second to none – as is his experience of successfully managing international growth.

The stronger the brand, the wider the moat. Competitors can copy products but not emotional connections

Julian Granville