How Augmented Reality uplifted Wattbike’s purchase rate.

Our partner brand Wattbike’s smart indoor trainer bikes are expertly designed to accelerate your performance improvement. Every part of the equipment and customer journey works towards this goal. How the indoor trainers’ function, the space it takes up in your home and partnering with the Wattbike Hub and third-party apps. It is all carefully considered to help you get maximum use and results.

Working with our Head of Digital, Leon Hughes, the decision to test Augmented Reality tech in their customer journey came at the beginning of 2022 when Wattbike came up against a challenge. Analysis showed that they struggled to convert some customers at the final stages because they weren’t effectively communicating one of their top consideration factors and USPs. When buying online, how can customers get a sense of the size of the Wattbike Atom and more importantly, how it will look in the home?

A corresponding challenge they experienced was that a high proportion of their customers often upgrade from a turbo trainer set up to a static smart bike. Every Wattbike has a smaller footprint, unrivalled data insights and hassle-free set-up. Communicating this space-saving to customers was a key need in Wattbike’s customer journey, which made it even more of a priority to help people visualise the size of the Wattbike Atom.

To overcome this barrier, Wattbike began testing an AR tool that allows potential buyers to view the indoor bike trainer in a room/space of their choice via their smart device. Very quickly they knew they had hit on the solution.

With the intelligent AR technology, the Wattbike Atom is sized and rendered to scale, so what you see online is what you will see when your bike is delivered. You can move the equipment around, testing it in different spots in your home.

And the proof is in the results. The testing of this functionality achieved a 15% uplift of consumers adding to the cart to make a purchase.

By remaining customer obsessive, Wattbike was able to not only pinpoint the original challenge but find a solution that elevated their customer experience and fulfilled their purpose to remove barriers to training at home.

You can test out the AR tech and learn more about the world’s smartest bike, Wattbike Atom, here (don’t forget you need to use your smart device to experience the AR).