The Piper Podcast: Catch up on four seasons of How I Grew My Brand Legend

We’re hope you’re all having a wonderful summer, despite the slighty damp weather. At Piper, we’re preparing season five of our Piper podcast, How I Grew My Brand Legend for launch next month. We won’t yet reveal which inspirational founders we’ve had as guests, so while you wait why not explore our incredible back catalogue.

Across four seasons, since 2019, our host ITV news anchor Mary Nightingale has dug deep into the founder stories of the UK’s best loved brands. From Deliciously Ella’s Ella Mills who launched the podcast, through Turtle Bay and Las Iguana founder Ajith Jayawickrema, Camden Town Brewery Founder Jasper Cuppaidge, Charlie Bigham on his eponymous brand, game changing body positive founder Brigitte Read, founder of Snag, and leader of the healthy snacks revolution, Cassandra Stavrou of Proper.

The podcasts centre around our concept of 7, 17 and 70. These are the three critical growth inflection points in terms of turnover, number of people or sites where we have observed brands needing to step-change how they do things. This is typically in the skillsets of the team, systems and processes and growth strategy. Each interview also delves into the challenges, personal anecdotes and failures that shaped them on their way to becoming brand legends.

Available on all major podcast providers, we hope you enjoy them and hopefully in the sunshine!