Piper participates in UKFT workshop

Yasha Estraikh led a workshop for the UK Fashion and Textile Association, a membership industry body responsible for mentoring British brands.

The workshop focused on introducing attending fashion brand MDs to the investment process and to how Piper thinks about fashion brands.

Piper presents at the annual Propel conference

[19 Dec 2014] - Yasha Estraikh spoke at the annual Propel Conference on November 20th, using the session to show how Piper thinks about hospitality rollouts through a mix…

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Community power – our latest virtual Geekmeet with 100 brands

[20 Dec 2020] - ‘We were weeks away from going bust, so we decided to be completely transparent with our loyal community of Snagglers and ask them for their…

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Our £7m investment into multi-award winning villa brand, The Thinking Traveller

[6 Dec 2020] - We are excited to have invested £7m into The Thinking Traveller, the world’s most thoughtful villa brand, backing founders and joint-CEOs Huw and Rossella Beaugié…

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Mindful Chef finds new home with Nestle after 5x growth

[12 Nov 2020] - We are delighted to announce that Mindful Chef has been bought by Nestlé. In a wonderful two-year journey since we invested £6m in December 2018,…

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Learn. Earn. And have fun: growing cultures in challenger brands

[25 Oct 2020] - If you come to our office and weave your way into the Cosy Room, you will find our library of business books, amassed over the…

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