Piper gearing up for growth

We are continually on the look out for opportunities to partner with fast-growing innovative retail and consumer brands.

With this in mind, we wanted to give you a flavour of the calibre of brands that we are looking for and the pace of growth that our current brands are achieving.

In the hospitality sector, Loungers continues its aggressive rollout. Now at 42 sites, it has hit record weekly sales of over £1m, record daily sales of £233k, and sales growth of +59% YTD.

At the same time as many retailers are finding conditions hard going, Orlebar Brown continues to spearhead its reputation as the international luxury resortwear brand of choice, with like-for-like sales up 74% YTD.

The Rug Company continues to assert its position as an international category pioneer and the 60% YTD growth in its two New York stores shows just as much.

Diet Chef continues to innovate with new subscription models and innovative products (e.g. 5:2 diet hamper) that strike a cord with consumers – website traffic is up 32% YOY.

In education, as Mr Gove continues to plunge the education system into a continued state of flux, Justin Craig has been at hand to help panicked parents, increasing its bookings by 22% YTD.

Rollover continues to ride the never-ending wave of popularity of American dining and hotdogs in particular, with its new gourmet hotdog range proving a real hit including within another one of our fast-growing portfolio brands, Be At One. Rollover has now sold 15m+ hotdogs and has grown by 17% YOY.