Piper On The Case With Investment In Innovative Brand Mous

We are proud to announce a minority investment in Mous, the fast growing direct-to-consumer tech accessories brand that has designed some of the most innovative phone accessories in the world.

With two highly skilled product development teams – one in the UK, the other in China – Mous has developed an innovative ecosystem of products that enrich customers’ daily interactions with their phones. Mous’ hero product is its range of protective phone cases that have been meticulously designed to offer exceptional protection and industry-leading functionality without compromising on style, standing them apart from others in the market.

Alongside its product expertise, the brand has created highly-engaging viral content to demonstrate the incredible performance of its products. Its most successful YouTube video, which has been watched more than 18m times, shows phones protected by Mous cases being dropped off bridges, out of buildings, from a 45ft crane and out of a helicopter.

This combination of exceptional products and highly-engaging content has seen sales grow 120% this year, with 75% of sales generated outside the UK. This is all the more impressive given how young the business is. Mous only launched the Limitless 1.0 phone case in 2017 following an award-winning crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo which raised $2.5million in pre-orders from over 50,000 backers.

As ever, we were keen to hear what customers thought so we helped the business launch a short online survey. We have rarely met a brand with so much love from its customers – its NPS of 82 is one if the highest we have ever seen. 95% of customers said Mous cases are far better than other phone cases they’ve had, with 88% saying they are the best in the world, while 81% said they feel indebted to their Mous case for saving their phone. For the vast majority, it’s the first phone case they have been proud of and bragged about to others.

Having started off as Mous customers in the office, we have had the pleasure of spending the last year getting to know James Griffith and co-founders Lucy Hutchinson and Will Mullen. We are really excited about working with this dynamic, ambitious team as they broaden their product offering and convert hundreds of thousands more consumers into evangelical Mous customers.

Fergus O’Sullivan from Piper said: “The global tech accessories market is worth in excess of $120bn and continues to see good growth. With an NPS [Net Promoter Score] of 82 and customers who are evangelical about Mous products, we are excited by what the brand can achieve. We love the energy and dynamism the founders have used to disrupt the category and build such a successful fast- growing business.”

For more information please contact
Fergus O’Sullivan, Investment Director
Email: fergus@piper.co.uk
Phone +44 (0)207 727 3842

We felt strongly that Piper would be best placed to help us strengthen our brand and provide us with the support we need to achieve our goals for the business.
James Griffith, co-founder and CEO