Catch up with Season 4 of our podcast, How I Grew My Brand

Sometimes it can be good to take a step back and remember the incredible success of British businesses in recent years, as a reminder of how good we are at finding opportunities and overcoming the odds when times are tough.

You can find many examples of this through the back catalogue of our podcast, How I Grew My Brand, but none more so than in the 6 founder stories we brought you this year in Season 4. From disrupting the century old tights market with Snag, a poolside dream becoming a global brand legend with Orlebar Brown, or Will Butler-Adam’s journey bringing Brompton bikes into the mainstream. Each episode brings another inspiring story to enjoy on your commute, or by the beach if you’re lucky enough to be on holiday.

The full series features interviews with those mentioned above as well as Papier, Huel and Cult Beauty.Hosted by broadcaster Mary Nightingale, our podcasts dig into the details of how founders have overcome challenges, grown through the inflection points of 7, 17 and 70 and built brand legends.

If you haven’t listened to Season 4 yet, now could be the perfect time to catch up with it and all the previous seasons of How I Grew My Brand here.

As always we’d love to hear any feedback or thoughts you have listening to these, and we’re preparing Season 5 at the moment, so if there are any British brand legends you’d love to hear from, please get in touch.