£3m of growth funding to Diet Chef

Piper Private Equity has provided £3m growth funding to Diet Chef, the UK’s leading home delivered diet company. Diet Chef was founded in 2007 and has seen rapid growth achieving over £5m of sales in 2009 and is forecast to double in size year on year.

With over 60% of adults in UK being either overweight or obese, the Company is well positioned to provide this large and growing market with a highly convenient, affordable, effective and sustainable weight loss solution. The Diet Chef programme has been designed to meet recommended Government guidelines on weight loss but more importantly for consumers, provides them with a broad range of chef-prepared, tasty meals, with no additives and preservatives, that are delivered to their door.

Kevin Dorren, founder of Diet Chef, stated: “We selected Piper as our partners because they had a real passion and understanding of our brand, and of our growth ambitions. We could see that they would add real value to our business and would work well with us to build the UK’s leading home delivered diet brand”.

Peter Kemp-Welch of Piper commented: “We have been keen to invest in the weight loss market for some time and worked hard to seek out a brand and business we felt confident could be grown quickly and profitably, and as a result approached Diet Chef. We very much look forward to working with the Diet Chef team to create a distinctive and special brand that can help its customers change their lives.”