“Piper have consistently demonstrated they have the same passion and enthusiasm for Propercorn as we do. With their knowledge, expertise and network, both Ryan and I are confident we have the best investors to help us realise our ambitions.”

Cassandra Stavrou, Co- Founder


Propercorn is the UK’s fastest growing popcorn brand

PROPERCORN was founded in 2011 by Cassandra Stavrou, recent winner of the New Generation Award at the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Awards, and former sustainable property development director Ryan Kohn.

The brand’s first customer was the café at Google’s London headquarters, where it immediately became the most popular snack from 48 alternatives. Since then, PROPERCORN has gone on to sell more than three million bags of its award-winning popcorn per month.

As consumers continue to seek healthier and more interesting snacks, sales of PROPERCORN’s gluten-free popcorn are forecast to rise from £10m in 2015 to around £15m this year.

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Following more than five years of support and mentoring from the innocent founders, PROPERCORN now look to the entrepreneurial expertise of Piper and JamJar to help grow the brand’s global presence. Strong demand is being experienced across all 10 countries where PROPERCORN is currently sold overseas, particularly in Germany, the Netherlands and Ireland. The business employs 40 staff at its London office.


  • Cassandra Savrou experiments how to flavour popcorn in her kitchen with a cement mixer
  • Ryan Kohn joins Cassandra to set up Popercorn
  • Google are the first to stock Propercorn. It is an instant hit
  • Propercorn launches in Tesco
  • Propercorn’s success is recognised as it wins numerous awards
  • International sales forecast to grow by 183%

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