Right for you?

“There is excellent cohesion in the way we think, a fun, friendly relationship.  A collective sense of belonging,  that we are on a unique and special journey together.”

Alex Reilley, Founder & MD, Loungers

Investment Criteria

Piper investment opportunities are guided by the following criteria:


Fast growing consumer brands in retail, leisure, consumer products or services.



Sales of £5 – £50 million plus a EBITDA of at least £500k.



Branded and distinctive companies, showing good growth, run by talented management teams.

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Investment Size

£5 – £20 million.



We consider MBO, MBI, BIMBO structures and growth and replacement capital, with minority or majority equity positions.


Geographic Focus

Companies headquartered
in the UK, with significant growth potential both in the UK and internationally.


Investment Types

Every business is different.
So deserves an individual investment approach.

Whether Piper takes a minority or majority shareholding, we work hard to tailor flexible investment packages that are not just right for your brand – but work for you too.

We don’t do this to any rigid formula but create solutions that match our goals with yours. Every brand is different – as are the people behind it. So at Piper, we take the

view there’s no rigid blueprint
for measuring the strength of an investment opportunity. What we are clear about are the characteristics that attract us
to businesses

in the first place. While they might not necessarily meet all our criteria now, they may do in the future.

Part selling.

Private equity doesn’t have to involve losing control or ownership. By agreeing a minority investment, you can re-balance your wealth and shareholder base without compromising your freedom to make acquisitions, enter new markets, or hire new management.

Your motivation for securing a minority investment might include:

  • Reducing personal exposure
  • Enabling other shareholders to exit or increase their stake
  • Enabling senior management to buy in to the business – realising value


Finding the right investor can accelerate growth through acquisition or building more distribution or more production that might otherwise be out of reach.

Our capital and support can help ensure your investment delivers real value – pre-empting the problems of inadequate finance, poor integration and the impact that sudden extra business can have on vulnerable business platforms.

Piper can work with you to:

  • Acquire one or more businesses
  • Expand into new and international markets
  • Increase capacity for the long term
  • Grow distribution

We know what it takes to grow a business by acquisition as well as
organically – and take on the challenge of change.


Realising the worth of your business – and ensuring security for both your brand and employees – is one of the biggest challenges for any owner. And if it’s a family concern, those complexities can be amplified.

We use our sector experience and expertise to manage issues of control, heritage, and succession as they arise.

Reasons for selling your business might include:

  • Funding retirement
  • Clarifying family ownership issues
  • Passing on a business to the next generation
  • Raising capital for a brand new venture

Selling a business, though, does not necessarily mean ending the relationship.
By remaining part of the management team, you can not only support business growth, but increase the value of any remaining shareholding.


Buying a stake in your own business may sound appealing – but can be daunting too. Lack of funds and ownership experience are just some of the hurdles you may need to overcome.

At Piper we’re there to help you realise ownership ambition. We’re experts in the art of helping you make the transition and shape your strategy.

Reasons for aquiring your business might include:

  • Preserving management structure if the existing owner wants to sell up
  • Building the business through new funding and support
  • Transforming your contribution into financial benefit
  • Effecting a management buyout

Partnering for management buyouts starts with full immersion so we get up to speed not just with the dynamics of the market and target business, but your ambition and management capabilities.