Weird Fish

“We had lots of private equity interest but Piper were a bit different, they were not just interested in the numbers. The mix of skills works nicely”

John Stockton, Managing Director, Weird Fish


Weird Fish was founded in 1993 and has grown to become one of the UK’s leading wholesale brands in the active lifestyle clothing market, selling to over 350 independent and national accounts.

Having joined Weird Fish in 2006, John Stockton (who had been the driving force behind the growth of the Animal brand) recognised an opportunity existed to grow and develop Weird Fish from a niche to a mainstream leisure clothing brand.

Backed by Piper, who took a majority stake, John led the MBO of Weird Fish, alongside a Finance Director introduced into the deal by Piper.


Growing the brand

Piper’s investment and patnership had enabled Weird Fish to develop and grow the brand, with specific focus being placed on clarifying the bran’s positioning and marketing, developing a credible womenswear offer alongside the menswear range, and growing a significant online offer to complement the wholesale business.


  • Weird Fish clothing is born
  • John Stockton joins Weird Fish
  • Piper backs John Stockton in an MBO
  • Chairman appointed and re-branding work completed
  • Full repayment of MBO bank debt. Introduction of the Weird Fish Weird and Wonderful Tour. Weird Fish grow its ecommerce sales by 60%
  • New Head of Design and Head of Brand Communications recruited

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