Yasha Estraikh

Yasha joined Piper in 2012 and leads on Piper’s commercial due diligence in assessing the growth potential of investments by better understanding why customers love a brand and why the brand is better and different versus the competition.

Post-investment, he works closely with investee entrepreneurs and management teams to put the customer at the heart of what they do in order to help them better understand how consumers think and behave before growing the brand into new channels or products, redesigning their packaging, and opening new stores and restaurants. More specifically, he assists our brands in answering key business questions by analyzing market data, running focus groups, launching online customer surveys, creating rollout strategies through catchment and geo-demographic analysis, and segmenting customer databases.

I consulted with him when we were developing the cause for the business. He has some really interesting perspectives and some quite firm views

Alex Reilley, Loungers


Associate Partner, Customer Research & Insight


020 7727 3842