Barking Heads

Pet Food UK was founded in 2009 by Paul Hunter, Dave O’Regan and Jim Moloney. They met and worked together in the pet food industry at Nutro, and Paul had previously run his own kennels business. Dissatisfied with the quality of dog and cat food on offer, the trio set out to develop a solution.

Barking Heads for dogs and Meowing Heads for cats are predominantly dry premium natural pet food ranges, formulated with the highest quality ingredients sourced from the UK.

With quirky names such as ‘Fat Dog Slim’ and ‘Purr-Nickety’ and highly distinctive packaging, the products have helped simplify buying pet food for consumers in an increasingly complex and crowded market.

Piper’s funding will enable the business to further invest in brand marketing and ecommerce, as well as grow the management team and expand international sales which already account for nearly 30% of revenue.

We had a number of opportunities for investment, but selected Piper because of their deep knowledge and understanding of the sector and ability to help us accelerate and manage our growth successfully.

Paul Hunter, Managing Director

The story so far

2009 Barking Heads & Meowing Heads founded by Paul Hunter, Dave O’Regan and Jim Moloney
2013 Launched into Pets at home
2014 New AATU range developed following the 80/20 rule and the world’s first single protein source dry pet food
2016 Barking Heads launched into Tesco
2016 Sales exceeded £10m. 30% of sales are international
2017 Moved into new office in Hemel Hempstead

Piper invests £5M in Barking Heads and Meowing Heads

[6 Mar 2017] - Piper has increased its presence in the natural pet food sector by investing £5m into Pet Food UK, the company behind the Barking Heads, Meowing…

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